Please read the rules through to the end.

Important information is given at the end of the text!

New from 03/5/2021:


currently there are no covid restrictions for accommodation establishments


until 03/05/2022

after that all corona restrictions will be lifted (as of February 19th, 2022)



1. entry: tested, recovered, vaccinated

As a rule, proof of a "low epidemiological risk" must be presented for entry / access to our accommodation facilities for guests but also for employees.


This means all tested, recovered or vaccinated persons who fulfill this proof with testing, overcoming illness or vaccination.


Children up to the age of 10 do not need proof of a low epidemiological risk.


The regulation looks like this in detail:

1.1. Tested

  • Negative PCR tests (maximum 72 hours old - validity 3 days)
  • Antigen tests (maximum 48 hours old - validity 2 days)
  • For children, school tests should be recognized as entry tests.


         The following simplifying rule also applies in our companies:

  • In the case of pure accommodation (without catering or services), an entry test is sufficient for the entire stay - proof must be kept ready for the duration of the stay.

1.2. Recovered

  • Medical confirmation of an infection that occurred in the last six months and has currently expired.
  • Submission of a "separation notice": People who were infected with the coronavirus are exempt from the obligation to test six months after recovery.
  • Proof of a previous and currently expired SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • Proof of neutralizing antibodies that must not be older than three months.

1.3. Vaccinated

  • Proof of a first vaccination from the 22nd day after the first vaccination, whereby this must not be more than 3 months ago or
  • Second vaccination, which must not be more than 9 months ago, or
  • Vaccination from the 22nd day after vaccination in the case of vaccines for which only one vaccination is planned, whereby this must not be more than 9 months ago or
  • Vaccination if not more than 9 months ago and if there was positive PCR test 21 days before vaccination or proof of neutralizing antibodies before vaccination.

1.4. privacy

If proof of a low epidemiological risk is to be presented, the owner of a permanent establishment is authorized to determine the following personal data of the person concerned:


  • Surname,
  • Date of birth,
  • Period of validity of the evidence and
  • Barcode or QR code.

In addition, he is entitled to determine data to establish identity. In other words, the innkeeper or hotelier may also request ID for identity control.



In all PM-APART accommodation establishments, guests must show proof of a “low epidemiological risk” and a copy of their ID one day before check-in by email, WhatsApp or SMS.

The access code will only be activated after the verification has been submitted.




Hygiene regulations and distance rules must be strictly observed!


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